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Contest Recap
Rainier Classic

A Rollercoaster Weekend: Embracing the Journey to Strongman Excellence

The journey to personal growth and success is filled with ups and downs, and the world of strongman competitions is no exception. Over the weekend, I participated in an eventful contest that taught me valuable lessons about consistency and the importance of maintaining focus on the details. Join me as I share the highlights, challenges, and key takeaways from this exhilarating experience.

Day 1: A Test of Strength and Balance

Event 1: Max Log Clean and Press
The sunny Seattle weather posed an unexpected challenge for log pressing. Despite starting with a light warm-up weight, I struggled with balance throughout the event. I made attempts at progressively heavier weights, reaching a point where the balance issues affected my performance. Although I missed a final lift at 392 pounds, I realized that the weights weren't the problem—my focus on pressing outside the gym needed improvement.

Event 2: Sandbag Toss
The sandbag toss was an event where precision mattered. I had practiced extensively for this, aiming for 15-foot throws from various distances. Unfortunately, I lost track of my spacing during the sixth rep and missed the crossbar. Instead of regaining composure, I rushed the remaining time and missed two more throws. This costly mistake dropped me to 8th place. It served as a reminder to stay composed and maximize each event, even when things don't go as planned.

Event 3: Kabuki Trap Bar Deadlift
Choosing the high bar handles for the Kabuki Trap Bar deadlift event proved to be a wise decision. Although I struggle with getting down to the bar, the training paid off, and I managed to lift 740 pounds for an impressive six reps. This progress gave me confidence and placed me in 4th overall—a testament to the months of hard work I dedicated to improving my deadlift.

Day 2: Battling Inner Demons

Event 4: Echo Bike and Sandbag Carry
The second day started with a challenging turn and burn event—a 30-calorie burn on the Echo Bike followed by a max distance sandbag carry. Unfortunately, I allowed myself to get inside my head and let nerves overshadow the fun aspect of the competition. The event didn't go as well as I had hoped, placing me 12th and shattering my podium aspirations. It served as a crucial lesson to stay focused on the bigger picture and enjoy the process.

Event 5: Chaos Keg Press
Despite the disappointment of the previous event, the Chaos Keg Press presented an opportunity for redemption. Going first, I managed to complete two challenging reps, securing a surprising 2nd place finish. This event reminded me that resilience and determination can lead to unexpected successes.

Event 6: Max Stone
A mistake with the tacky application proved costly during the Max Stone event. The slick surface hindered my grip, causing me to struggle with loading heavier stones. Although I finished 6th in this event, it was a reminder of the importance of attention to detail and thorough preparation.

Key Takeaways: Growth and Future Aspirations

This weekend's contest revealed several key takeaways for my personal growth as a strongman competitor. Mentally and physically, I have felt a significant improvement in recent months. Despite a shorter preparation period and dealing with minor injuries, I've regained focus and determination. I recognize that I have only scratched the surface of my potential in the world of strongman competitions. With a continued positive mindset, consistent training, and minor adjustments to long-standing issues, I am confident in my ability to stand on the podium in future events.


Participating in the recent strongman competition brought a mix of triumphs and challenges. It emphasized the importance of consistency and attention to detail in every aspect of training and competition. From addressing balance issues to managing mindset and maintaining composure, these experiences have shaped my outlook on growth and success. As I embrace the lessons learned from this eventful weekend, I eagerly anticipate future competitions, where I will continue to push myself and strive for excellence in the sport I love.

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